Norgine Business Code

The Norgine business code has been adopted by all legal entities within the Norgine Group.


The Norgine business code establishes the framework for achieving Norgine’s vision to deliver innovative medicines for the benefit of patients, employees and other stakeholders. As we endeavour to achieve our vision, we must do so through the application of consistently high standards of ethical conduct.


From its inception, the Norgine business code was established based on a broad consultation process across the Norgine Group and a comprehensive consideration of all the activities of the Company.


The core principles of One Norgine, Innovation and Trustworthiness underpin all of our activities, which together with our focus upon continuous improvements in quality are fundamental to achieving our vision. The Norgine business code will continue to evolve, but it will always embody best practice in the industry and the distinctive characteristics of Norgine’s employees and partners.


Peter Stein,